ESN ISO Whey 2 Lbs Chocolate

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  • Rich in Glutamine
  • Promotes immune system function

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ESN ISO Whey 2 Lbs Chocolate

Brand ESN
Flavour Chocolate
Number of Servings 27
Serving Size 33 g
Vegetarian / Non Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Type Jar
Form Powder
Size Per Pack 2 Lbs

ESN’s Iso-Whey contains 100% Whey Protein isolate. Whey Isolate is one of the highest quality, highly digestible, easiest mixing, great tasting proteins available.Whey Isolate is naturally rich in glutamine, BCAA's, cysteine, minerals, lacalbumin, lactoferrin, and nutrients which support glutathione levels that promote immune system function.With ZERO fat, sugar, lactose, gluten, or other useless ingredients,This premium protein supplement contains the highest quality protein source known to science and has been scientifically formulated to provide all of the essential amino acids, protein fractions and bioactive peptides that your body needs to add lean muscle fast.

Utilizing the latest in protein technology, ESN’s Iso-Whey optimizes protein synthesis and provides maximum anti-catabolic support due to its unique composition of bioactive whey peptides and branched chain amino acid content amounting to almost 25% of the total amino acid content.Daily supplementation with Iso-Whey’s scientifically advanced, premium whey protein isolate formulation ensures that protein synthesis (muscle building) is optimized, nitrogen balance is maintained and muscle catabolism is prevented ensuring maximum gains in lean muscle mass.

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Ghanshyam Sikandar

Great product ...

Great supplement to build muscles with no additional sugar or fat ... great product that is not readily available locally .. droozo is a good place order to receive timely delivery

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ESN  ISO Whey 2 Lbs Chocolate

ESN ISO Whey 2 Lbs Chocolate

  • Rich in Glutamine
  • Promotes immune system function

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